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In my classroom…

All students are to be treated EQUALLY, regardless of gender, race or beliefs and will be RESPECTED for all ideas, work, opinions, contributions and INDIVIDUALITY.

I, as the teacher, am
EXCITED about the subject matter I am explaining, compelling the students to become MOTIVATED to learn, as the teacher plays a crucial role in developing the climate and structure of the classroom.

 Praise and
ENCOURAGEMENT help foster steady progress in learning, for ALL children, regardless of limitations or differences.  When students BELIEVE in themselves, they will ACHIEVE greatness.

Keep the lines of
COMMUNICATION open between school and home, because a SUPPORTIVE parent-teacher relationship will and students will remember that they are held accountable for their actions, negative or POSITIVE.

STYLE used to teach must be student-centered.  In this way the students will take RESPONSIBILITY for their learning.  

Every student must feel
SAFE and cared for.  By ensuring a positive classroom environment and maintaining a set of RULES, each student will feel COMFORTABLE enough to SUCCEED at their own pace.

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