Music Appreciation/ History of Rock n Roll/ Modern Broadway Musicals   

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Mr. Cardone is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education. At Rutgers, Mr. Cardone also was a member of the Rutgers University Glee Club in addition to his primary studies on clarinet. 

As a woodwind player he can be found playing in a variety of musicals around New Jersey. Mr. Cardone is excited to be able to share his passion for music with the students and faculty at Lyndhurst High School.


Attention Students! Please join my google classroom and save my zoom meeting information. On the first day of class, please be sure to join my zoom meeting at our respective class time. Attendance will be taken upon your arrival to the meeting. 


If you have not joined yet, please check your school email for an invite I have sent out!


See below for Google Classroom and Zoom Codes!!!

Music Appreciation Period 1: tqke5pa

Music Appreciation Period 7: vartzin

History of Rock n Roll Period 2: fvphkpg

History of Rock n Roll Period 4: gafl45w

Modern Broadway Musicals Period 5: tgewom5


All classes will meet via Zoom at the beginning of the period. Use my Personal Meeting ID below to sign in to class everyday at the correct time. 

 PMI: 305 842 5679

Passcode: zVY7Dv

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