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Joe Castagnetti

Physical Education/Drivers Education/Strength Training

Joe Castagnetti

Physical Education Department

Assistant Football Coach


I Look Forward to teaching you this year, please stay tuned for updates on google classroom, etc.  Any questions, please email me!

Thank You and Stay Safe



Grading Policy:

ALL Students start with 4 points daily. Based on 4 categories.


  • 5 classes every 2 weeks = 20 pts.
  • 10 classes every 4 weeks = 40 pts. (progress report)
  • 20 classes every 8 weeks = 80 pts. (approx. full marking period)


- In the event of no school or 20 classes not met will be decided at the discretion of PE supervisor.

- Adapted PE assignments will have a 4 pt. value

- 1 “Make-Up” day will be scheduled before or after school per marking period.


What are the daily 4 points based on?


  • Attendance/Do Now – Students are to report to their assigned attendance area and remain quiet until instructed to the “Do Now” task. The daily “Do Now” is a static or dynamic warm-up to properly stretch the body in preparation for activity.


  • Participation – Students are to participate in the assigned daily activity/unit giving forth effort and following directions.


  • Behavior/Respect/Sportsmanship – Students are to exhibit positive behavior and respect/sportsmanship throughout the duration of class time to all staff, students and school property.


  • Electronic Use – use of electronics (cell phone, tablet, headphones, etc.) without permission or instruction will not be tolerated. All electronics should remained locked in assigned locker.


How does a student lose daily points?

  • Not in your attendance spot? -1pt for Attendance/Do Now section
  • Not doing the assigned Do Now warm up? -1pt for Attendance/Do Now section
  • Standing off to side with arms folded? -1pt for Participation
  • Talking negatively back to staff member? -1pt for Behavior/Respect/Sportsmanship
  • Hiding behind track mats? Causing harm to track/football area? -1pt for Behavior/Respect/Sportsmanship
  • Texting, tweeting, phone is visible? -1pt for Electronic Use
  • Not prepared for PE? Daily points will be doubled to a -8 for the day

All grading is done at teacher & PE staff discretion


*This year we are stressing the importance of students not brining their cell phones to class. This is a safety precaution for the student as well as the phone. Each student should leave their phone, Ipad, Ipod, and all electronics locked in their locker. If a student is seen with their cell phone they will lose a point for the day on their 1st offense. Any time after they are seen with their cell phone they will receive a 0/4 for the day.

*After they are seen with their phone the 2nd time the phone will be collected by the teacher and the student may pick up their cell phone at the end of the block. The parent will also receive a phone call home so that they are notified their child had their phone during class. The parent will receive a phone call for each time after they are seen with their cell phone in class.

*The third time a student is caught with their cell phone the phone is held with us until the end of the day, and the parent will receive another phone call home. 

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