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Mauro Raguseo
World Language Teacher
Lyndhurst High School
400 Weart Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Phone: 201-896-2100 x4000
Email: (preferred)


image1SENIOR HOMEROOM 119: During remote learning, please check into homeroom via Google Classroom. A specific class has been created for your homeroom. You can join this digital homeroom class on Google Classroom with this code: rigt3w7. Please check into homeroom by 8:25 AM every school day unless you have senior privilege first block of the day. 



GOOGLE CLASSROOM ACCESS FOR SIGNOR RAGUSEO'S CLASSES: Students, please join the virtual classroom I created for your respective class on Google Classroom using the codes below:


     Italian IV Honors - Section 1 (Period 1): e634ye7   

     Italian II - Section 3 (Period 5): qg3nk3c

     Italian III - Section 1 (Period 6): cied5jj

     Italian II - Section 2 (Period 3): vvu4i5r

     Italian II - Section 1 (Period 7): hr4hqc2

    Italian III Honors - Section 1 (Period 8): ciizcs7


ATTENTION ITALIAN IV HONORS STUDENTS: You are eligible to earn college credit from Fairleigh Dickinson University through the Middle College Program. The cost is $267.00 for three college credits. You must earn a "C" average or higher in this course for credit. The deadline to sign up is September 20th, 2020. Please see the attached form:


*For the 2020-2021 school year, I will use Google Classroom to post your Do Now exercise, daily agenda, objectives, and homework.  In addition, we will utilize my Google site for projects and other helpful tools. Here is the link to my Google site:

*It is recommended that you add my Google site to your favorites on your iPad for future reference.


Extra help is available upon request and by appointment. Grazie!






Please note that we will be using iPads in class on a regular basis. Therefore, students are expected to come to each class with a charged and working device. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from class participation.



Here are some of my favorite Italian links:

1) Italian Language Games:  

*I recommend that you try the following games/interactive tasks for Colors, My things, Family, & Countries/Nationalities. 

2) Cerca dove sono gli italiani con il tuo cognome: 

3) Quand'e' il tuo onomastico? Clicca qui: 

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