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Click on the link above for all home football games and high school gym events.  NFHS is the national organization of high school sports.  Lyndhurst High School has nothing to do with the subscription.

AWAY GAMES LINKS: Here are the links that are provided by the other school when we play away:  Click on the game you wish to watch.


1/27/21 Girls JV & Varsity Basketball @ Weehawken

1/27/21 Boys Frosh & JV @ North Arlington

1/29/21 Boys Varsity @ North Arlington





Practice Start

Registration Deadline

Competition Start

Competition End

Ice Hockey

Season 2

Dec 14th

Jan 1st

Jan 15th

March 6th

Basketball, Bowling & Cheer

Season 2

Jan 11th

Jan 6th

Jan 26th

March 6th

Swimming & Winter Track

Season 2A

Feb 1st

Jan 25th

Feb 16th

March 27th

Girls Volleyball & Wrestling

Season 3

March 1st

Feb 22nd

March 16th

April 24th

Baseball & Softball

Season 4

March 26th

March 22nd

April 19th

June 20th

Boys Volleyball, Spring Track, & Lacrosse

Season 4

April 1st

March 22nd

April 19th

June 20th

All Athletic Physicals can be dropped off at the high school main office to the attention of the school nurse.

These documents will then be sent to the district doctor for clearance.  This process can take up to a week and the student cannot participate until they are cleared.


Click on the registration link below:



(To be completed every day prior to arriving on school ground.  Please click on the sport that you participate in to complete the daily screening questions.)











Mandatory Practice Protocols:

  1. Athletes will also be required to complete the “Covid-19 Daily Pre-Screening Questions.”  This form is to be completed every day prior to arriving on school grounds.  This form can also be completed on athletic webpage by clicking on the link of the sport the student participates in. 
    1. Any individual who answers “yes” to any question on the questionnaire, or who has a temperature greater than 100.0°F, shall not be permitted to participate in the workout and shall be required to return home.
    2. Any Individual who answers “yes” to any question on the questionnaire shall be required to provide clearance from a physician before they will be permitted to resume participation in the workouts.
    3. First Checkpoint- Athlete must arrive to practice wearing a mask.  The Covid-19 Questionnaire must be completed and the daily Covid-19 Screening Questions must have been submitted.
    4. Second Checkpoint- Athletes temperature will be taken prior to practice daily, as will the temperature of all coaches. Athletes who have a temperature of 100.0 or higher will not be allowed to practice that day.  Parents may not accompany athletes to the temperature check.  We highly recommend parents wait in the car until athletes are cleared for practice that day.  Athletes sent home with a fever will be required to get a doctor’s note in order to return to practice.
  2. Face Coverings
    1. Athletes must arrive wearing a mask and the mask must remain on until workouts begin.
    2. b.Student-athletes who are engaged in high-intensity aerobic activity, e.g., running, sprinting, etc., do not need to wear face coverings during the period of the aerobic activity. Once the aerobic activity is over, student- athletes shall wear face coverings.
    3. c.Student-athletes who are not engaged in high-intensity aerobic activity, e.g., sitting on the bench, reviewing plays, watching videos, waiting in line, etc., are required to wear face coverings.
    4. Coaches and district personnel must wear face coverings at all times.

5. Sports Equipment

a.     Each student-athlete shall bring a minimum of one water bottle with their name on it to each workout for his/her own personal consumption. There shall not be any trading or sharing of water bottles. Water will not be supplied by the school.

b.     All sports equipment and touch-points (e.g., benches, agility cones, ladders, clipboards, etc.) must be cleaned and disinfected after each workout with EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants against COVID-19.

6. Locker Rooms/Restrooms

a. Locker Rooms will not be open until further notice.

b. Restrooms will be open and limited to one person.

7. Hygiene

a. Students must wear their clothes at all times during work-outs.  

b. There shall be no gum chewing or spitting at any time.

c.     Students and staff should make every effort to wash their hands before and after work-outs.

d.     The state of New Jersey has issued an incoming travel advisory that all individuals entering New Jersey from states with a significant spread of Covid-19 should quarantine for 14-days after leaving that state.  For the list of states, please go to

In case of inclement weather or pending inclement weather, practices will be cancelled.  This information will tweeted @LHSGBathletics.  We ask that students and parents follow us on twitter to receive important information. 

Please be aware these protocols, rules, and requirements will be strictly enforced by coaching staff and the Lyndhurst Athletic Department.  Dates and protocols may be changed and new ones could be added at any time due to changes in New Jersey from Covid-19. 






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July 23, 2021 - August 1, 2021



  1. Attendance
    1. If the student is not in school by 10:00am, they are not eligible to participate that day.
    2. If the student does not dress for gym, they are not eligible to participate that day.
    3. If the student is absent from school in the morning or afternoon, they are not allowed to practice or play in a game.
    4. If the student is absent on a Friday or the day before a break, they are not eligible without a parent note clearing them to participate.
  2. Academic Eligibility
    1. Fall & Winter- Pass 30 credits from previous school year.
    2. Student may become eligible for winter sport on February 1st if they are passing 15 credits after the first semester (MP1 & MP2).
    3. Spring- Passing 15 credits after the first semester (MP1 & MP2).
    4. Student may become eligible in the spring semester on May 1st if they pass all courses in the third marking period and have accumulated 30 credits after three marking periods.
    5. Seniors who become academically eligible can begin to play after third marking period grades have been posted.
  3. Athletic Registration
    1. Students must register for each athletic season during the registration period for each season.
    2. Registration window:
      1. Fall Season: May 1st – July 15th
      2. Winter Season: September 10th – November 1st
      3. Spring Season: January 2nd – March 1st
  4. Contact
    1. Jeff Radigan- Supervisor of Athletic-
    2. Tom Thomas- Athletic Trainer (online registration)-
    3. Vanessa Nowinski- Nurse (athletic physicals)-






For more information on scholarships and being eligible to participate in college, click the link below.

NCAA Eligibility Center  




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